Elisa Polverini - Polverini Hair Academy
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Following in on her father’s footsteps, Elisa started her training course in Polverini Hair Academia in ’92, when she was just fifteen years old.

Following that, she started working in the first Polverini hair salon in South Florence, perfecting her skills with a technical training and practical experiences both in Italy and abroad.

Still very young, 16 years old, she started taking part in live performances with the Polverini Team at Cosmoprof Italia, and since then her profession took her on the stages of the whole world, East to West: Warsaw, Bucharest, Sofia, Astana, Almaty.

After completing her long academic training and gaining experience working in hair salons all over Europe, in 1997 she starts her career as trainer herself in Polverini Hair Academia, with a Specialist Polverini Trainer qualification.

Today, after more than a quarter of a century of experience, she’s the family business’ CEO: the executive director of Polverini Hair Academia.

Together with her team she pushes forward the tradition of a method based on a four decades experience and inspired by creativity and a desire to keep up with what professional training will mean tomorrow.