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Gabriel Chiari – Evolution Cut Course

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By completing the Evolution Cut Course I finally came to the end of this amazing learning path I started here in Polverini Hair Academia four years ago.

During this last course I had fun performing cuts using the degrees that will help me perform and suggest new haircuts to the clients at the shop. I’ve had a good time, I’ve had a lot of fun and I’ve been through some amazing moments. I also faced a few problems that I was able to overcome doing my best. I learned that to become a true professional in this field one must start from the very foundations to learn how to create and turn art into our weapon of choice.

I wanted to thank my trainers, who really helped me through these years, supporting me and guiding me even now, as I’m sure they’ll keep doing in the future too. Thanks to Polverini Hair Academia for giving me the chance to learn, grow up and fall in love with this beautiful job.