Annamaria Cavallo - Third level qualification - Polverini Hair Academy

Annamaria Cavallo – Third level qualification

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I know what it’s like to make a dream come true, I live off of them, from the littlest to the biggest thing. I also know what’s behind realizing a dream: sacrifice, tears, sweat and dedication. Nothing good comes easy, but I know it’s important not to give up, and that’s why I’m here today celebrating this new achievement. I want to thank everyone involved in my journey. To teachers: thank you Franca for your kindness and elegance in explaining things; thank you Elisa for all the opportunities that you gave me, thank you Chiara for greeting me every morning with the brightest smile. Thank you Marta for your calmness, semplicity and kindness. Thank you Francesca for being my rock, for believing in me even when I thought I wasn’t capable or I was afraid to make a mistake. You believed in my abilities and you always encouraged me to aspire to bigger things, because now I know I can give a lot to this world.