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A new academy franchising idea

With its 40 years in the training field, Polverini Hair Academia is and has always been a name that stands for quality in training, research, innovation and Made in Italy style excellency.


Through the years, thanks to its professionalism, experience and a deep knowledge of the market, Polverini Hair Academia has been recognized as one of the most important hairstyling academies; this is the reason why we're now pursuing the idea of duplicating this winning formula so that it can be reintroduced on the market with the same quality characteristics and, at the same time, a way to cut back business risk to gain success in the shortest possible amount of time.


The innovative idea behind our franchising model is to conjugate a background of a variety of on the field, research and training experiences with the futuristic spirit of a completely digital academy.


This translates into a cost reduction for businesspeople who want to invest in a solid franchising process at the same time projected towards modern and future market trends.


This new academy franchising model creates opportunities for all businesspeople alike, not just professionals in the hairstyling and beauty field, but anyone who wants to invest in the training field, certain that it is a field in constant growth: today, with POLVERINI HAIR ACADEMIA.


If you're interested in opening an academy, we can support and assist you fully, with a certain winning formula.


Ours is an affiliation program targeted at ambitious people with professional growth as a main focus in this field, offering a solid brand with a clear style.


We offer specific and focused advice on:


  • Business Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Strategies specifically designed starting from weekly and monthly activity statistics
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Administrative knowledge focused on exponential growth of financial earnings
  • Manager and other executive functions training in Florence's Master Academy
  • Teachers Training in Florence's Master Academy


Together we will create a qualified environment working as a proper team with whom share goals and create common objects.

Your success is our success. Are you interested in our franchising formula? Fill in the form.

One of our agents will contact you to share all information and set an appointment.