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  Through this Hairstyling course you will be able to find out the proper technique to obtain absolutely unique and beautiful evening or bridal updos. You will also find out the proper way to control the hair while styling them, using simple and essential movements, to create beauty and charm using long hair. You will therefore learn all basic techniques to gather the hair, so to create and realize all kinds of updos and semi-updos with style and ease. This is a key course for whoever wants to start on their path through the hairstyling world to become a great professional through the knowledge of a true technique.  


12 lessons  


Here at Polverini Hair Academia we want to make sure all students can become competent in realizing updos following Polverini technology. This course aims to make the students confident in their movements and competent in what they have to do and how to do it to obtain awe-inspiring hairdos. Attending this course you will find out about all basic notions necessary to work in this field.  


Shop owners, experienced operators, apprentices and beginners. All those who want to come in contact with the updos world, starting with the basics like true professionals.  


  • 2 t-shirts
  • Polverini Hair Academia bag
  • Small-size pneumatic nylon brush
  • Medium-size pneumatic nylon brush
  • Iron tail comb
  • Water sprayer
  • Hair clasps
  • Beak clips
  • Bobby pins
  • Flat iron
  • Curling iron
  • Professional hair dryer
  • Indian and normal rubber bands
  • Iron lifting comb
  • Large comb
  • Fillings and nets
  • Hairdryer brushes kit
  • Long human hair training head
  *The above-mentioned material can be provided to Polverini Hair Academia students for a favorable price.  


Video tutorials, digital study texts.  


Perfect to be paired with the basic/evolution hairdrying and alternative shapes courses.

Our Main Teachers

Nel 2003 ha iniziato la Polverini Hair Academia frequentando il corso stilistico Full Programm, conseguendo il titolo di Specialist Polverini Trainer, da allora insegna nella nostra accademia corsi di tecnica e di moda. Dal 2004 al 2008 ha affiancato all’attività di insegnamento, l’esperienza come direttrice del settore tecnico in uno dei saloni Polverini. Recentemente ha […]

Price : Free

Typology : Hairstyling


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