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A full immersion in the contemporary Fashion World, called “Fashion Pills”. The “Fashion Pills” course, held by Bianca Vannucci, Polimoda graduated fashion designer, has been specifically designed to analyze the fashion system, how it developed and how it works, starting with French Revolution and up until today. “Pills” to underline how important teamwork is for fashion Houses, the so-called Creative Team (composed by designer, stylist, fashion editor, fashion show producer, make up artist, hair stylist, fashion model – icon of the collection, photographer and so on). Metaphorically speaking, all these elements can be seen as the different elements composing a pill: without the proper balance, the “formula” wouldn't have the right effect. A little tip: the course is perfect for salon owners and experienced operators who want to learn and get up to date with the new trends. It is also perfect for all those who wish to become Hair Directors, and for particularly creative stylists.  


4 lesson, 2 lessons per month – each lesson 6 hours long.  


What is contemporary Fashion? A Talent Development program designed to stimulate new creative processes through an unconventional method connecting Fashion and Professionalism, School and Work, to inspire curiosity, intuition and perception to create the foundations to become a Hair Director, a Leader, one of a kind and invincible both identity and professionally-wise. The course also includes an in-depth study of all major brands of the contemporary fashion industry, to allow the students to learn how to isolate the elements composing them, together with the taste and style they put forward.  


Salon owners, experienced operators, professionals. Not recommended for beginners. Whoever wishes to learn about the evolution of the fashion system from the 19th century up until today, but above all whoever is interested in starting an individual research process to evolve into fully trained Hair Directors.  


  • Laptop
  • Various materials such as scissors, glue, paper, magazines, pencils, markers, stapler.
  • Comfortable clothes


The meetings are composed by an alternation of theoretical slideshows, group discussions, individual web research, sharing such researches and workshops revolving around looks and how to create moodboards. A rich and interesting experience in the fashion world. The participant, always supervised by the teacher through face-to-face interviews, by the end of the course will produce a hair style designed keeping in mind one of the fashion houses mentioned during the lessons, which must reflect a moodboard personally designed and composed after a research work. Both the moodboard and the hair style will then be presented graphically through the realization of a personal digital portfolio and performing the hair style in a public space.

Our Main Teachers

Maurizio Polverini ancora undicenne intraprende la professione del parrucchiere. A soli diciotto anni inaugura il suo primo salone nel capoluogo toscano. Nel 1979 inizia la sua espansione aprendo i suoi primi saloni Polverini a Forte dei Marmi, Firenze, Prato, Roma e Milano. Due anni dopo nel 1981 apre la Polverini Hair Academia. La sua professione […]

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