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Barber Masterclass is a complete course, designed to convey all techniques, values, mood and language necessary to become a successful barber, starting with the historical and technical foundations and down to the most advanced aspects of this career... and not only that. The beard has always been the very symbol of manhood and virility: shaving is a ritual with roots well deep in an ancient tradition symbolizing the coming of age for a male individual, the passage between childhood and adulthood. Today, men express the need to rediscover that ritual, that care for their skin and face, made out of precise and masterful movements filled with pleasure and satisfaction. This course gives out all basic notions and technical competences of all tools necessary to become a specialized barber maximizing the stylistic fitness.  


4 weekends  


Train the future barbers on all basic techniques that will turn them into qualified ones. The course trains the barbers on all aspects of their job, from A to Z.  


Professional barbers as well as beginners who want to come to know a new language and a new job: the job of the barber, where tradition meets with care, style and the needs of a modern Man.  


  • Panasonic ER1421
  • Panasonic ER1611
  • Wahl Super Taper with 10 separating plates
  • Wahl Detailer
  • 7 cm scissors
  • Thinning scissors, 38 teeth
  • Matador cut comb, models 2691.8 ½ Professional and 2614.7
  • Spider brush
  • Vanta shaver
  • Shaving blades
  • Bowl and shaving brush
  • Beard brush
  • Fade brush
  • Training head or model

Our Main Teachers

Cosimo Campagna un vero professionista, assiduo ricercatore nel Fashion System e creatore di infinite collezioni Moda Capelli. È uno dei figli di Sicilia, patria natia della barbieria professionale e da questa terra ha sempre raggiunto il prestigioso Barber Match in tutte le sue edizioni. Grazie alla sua riconosciuta professionalità, ha avuto la possibilità di lavorare […]

Nel 2003 ha iniziato la Polverini Hair Academia frequentando il corso stilistico Full Programm, conseguendo il titolo di Specialist Polverini Trainer, da allora insegna nella nostra accademia corsi di tecnica e di moda. Dal 2004 al 2008 ha affiancato all’attività di insegnamento, l’esperienza come direttrice del settore tecnico in uno dei saloni Polverini. Recentemente ha […]

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Typology : Man's


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