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    The Advanced Cut course includes a good number of haircuts designed by Polverini's fashion research team and performed using the innovative Tecnica Scultura 3D Cut technique. For those who want to get in touch with fashion but want a deeper approach to it, and for all those who want to move past common limits and find their own personal style. An explosive mix of technique, art and fashion, stimulating and funny at the same time. For those who have had enough of the same old fashion update courses. The three-dimensional cutting technique Tecnica Scultura is founded upon three-dimensional geometry, and is therefore the natural evolution of two-dimensional geometric cutting techniques, and that is why it is internationally recognized as a revolutionary technique, even though it's based on traditional geometry. Polverini Hair Academia's constant research study and attention to the new trends of the fashion world, together with a neverending study of the technique itself, are an added value to our courses in terms of wholeness and professionalism. And informed and competent hairdresser is what we want, and to guarantee the success of its students Polverini Hair Academia commits to train them through a completely new three-dimensional technique.  


2 lessons 6 lessons  


This course allows you to realize a good number of fashion haircuts in their whole form, including shapes and volumes, applying the Tecnica Scultura technique. Once passed, this course gives you all tools to bring a truly creative added value to your salon, using a completely Italian style. This advanced cut course completes the participant's knowledge on both the technical and artistic side, so that they can be allowed to express their creativity and imagination through acquired competence and confidence about a functional geometric technique.  


Salon owners, experienced operators. Not recommended for beginners.  


  • 2 t-shirts
  • Polverini Hair Academia bag
  • Professional scissors
  • Large cut comb
  • Small cut comb
  • Water sprayer
  • Towel
  • Hair clasps
  • Human hair training head
  *The above-mentioned material can be provided to Polverini Hair Academia students for a favorable price.  


Video tutorials, digital study texts.

Our Main Teachers

Nel 2003 ha iniziato la Polverini Hair Academia frequentando il corso stilistico Full Programm, conseguendo il titolo di Specialist Polverini Trainer, da allora insegna nella nostra accademia corsi di tecnica e di moda. Dal 2004 al 2008 ha affiancato all’attività di insegnamento, l’esperienza come direttrice del settore tecnico in uno dei saloni Polverini. Recentemente ha […]

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Price : Free

Typology : Cut


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