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Styling: choose your course

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Are you looking for a styling course to improve your blow-drying techniques? You are in the right place… keep reading the article! Today we are talking about the styling classes that Polverini Hair Academia offers to their students.

To best satisfy the requests of hairstylists who want to study at our academy, we thought about several training courses for every needs.


When talking about styling, we know it is a huge topic for our industry. Why is that so? Being able to create the perfect styling affects multiple things: give the right shape to the haircut and enhance the hair color. A good styling highlights the difference between a mediocre hairstylist and an actual stylist.

To make all the clients happy, a hairstylist needs to better manage every type of hair. You can achieve that by attending one of our classes. Let us look at them one by one.

Basic Hair drying course:

This is the shortest course about styling and blow-drying. If you are looking for a practical class, this is a good option to consider: in two days you will learn the basic technique to create simple styles with various volumes, ideal to those who are just now approaching the field. Submissions are always open; the student chooses the frequency of the classes.

Evolution Hairdrying course:

Do you want to have a more thorough knowledge on blow-drying? This is the course for you! This is the right class to take if you want to have a more solid foundation on styling and hair drying. The course lasts sixteen lessons, where the student will have a full immersion training on the topic of styling. Like any other training course, you will start from the basic technique to the more advanced steps of blow-drying.

For example, the student will learn: all the degrees of elevation (0°-45-90°-180°), how to manage even the hardest bangs, how to use the blow-dryer both with the right and the left hand, with the right posture.

Having the right posture and using both your hands while working, allows you not to ache and be tired.
Like said before, the right styling is useful to give the haircut the right shape, and that is way the hairstylist must know which styling they need to do based on the client’s haircut.

Thanks to this training course, the student will understand which blow-drying technique they will use to achieve the right shape and volume. Lastly, you will also learn how to blow-dry using a diffuser, so we do not exclude any type of hair.

At the end of the course, the student will also know how to use the straightener and the curly iron to create any type of wave. During the class, the hairstyling can practice both on training heads and models, to have a more realistic perception of what happens in a salon.
Like any other course at Polverini Hair Academia, submissions are always open, there are no waiting lists, and the student can choose the frequency based on a monthly schedule.

Hair drying course: Alternative Shapes:

This is the most untraditional styling course ever! Are you curious to know why? It is a course dedicated to those who already attended a blow-drying course, or those who simply want to expand their technique range, to give their clients new shapes and volumes. This is a great class to follow the updos course, because you will learn diverse waving techniques, to create plastic, flat and soft volumes.

In two days, the hairstylist learns new hair drying techniques alternatively to the blow-dryer. How? For example, using curlers to create innovative and different volumes. A class that includes other techniques to dry hair in diverse ways.


To have a better idea on what you can learn, we recommend that you watch our tutorial on the Polverini Hair Academia’s YouTube channel. Click here!

Do you need more information on the styling courses? Click down here to take an appointment at the academy!


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