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Wedding Hairstyles

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Do you want to make perfect wedding hairstyles? This is a wonderful time to start a new course… Let us tell you about:

Hairstyle Masterclass 29-30 May

Do not miss this opportunity! Two days dedicated to professionals who want to master their abilities on creating shapes and volumes with multiple styles.

Wedding hairstyles:

Everybody knows that May is the start of the wedding season. Many brides-to-be choose this period for the most important day of their life. An experienced hairstylist knows the potential of being able to create ad-hoc updos for each event. Because you can have great financial return, attract new customers, and retain the existing ones.

As a result of this, Polverini Hair Academia offers a wide range of training aimed to the world of wedding hairstyles and much more! We know how important it is to navigate every field of the industry. Let us examine our options.

Hairstyling masterclass: 

We want to talk about our newest masterclass starting the 29th of May at Polverini Hair Academia. The class will last two days, and it is dedicated to hairstylists specialized in the field of updos. It is a full immersion journey on shapes and volumes in referring to several styles.

During this masterclass, the professional will learn new abilities to make them their own through the teachers’ valuable advice. You will replicate multiple hairstyles from the academy’s fashion collection thanks to hours of theory and practice.

Hairstylist Course:

Unlike the masterclass, this course is dedicated to who wants to get closer to the world of hairstyles (both wedding and not) or those who want to refine their basic technique. The course lasts six lessons, and the frequency is chosen by the student, depending on their monthly schedule. Subscriptions are always open, there is no waiting list!

During this course you will find out how to create updos and half buns on diverse length of hair and how to manage hair when creating such hairstyles, so that you can manage even the most rebellious lock. At the end of the class, you will be able to make various hairstyles on your own according to the occasion, thanks to the practice both on training heads and models.

Fashion Hairstyle:

Finally, the Fashion Hairstyle course lasts two days and it is specifically aimed to the professional who wants to unleash their creativity. During the class we will present many hairstyles from the academy’s fashion collection and then the students will replicate them. The frequency of classes and the enrolment is up to the student, based on their own schedule.

Are you curious to see what types of hairstyles you can create at Polverini Hair Academia? You can watch our tutorials, that we upload on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch and consider subscribing to our YouTube channel so you do not miss our content!

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