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When talking about hair academy, we cannot think about none other than Polverini Hair Academia. We trained a lot of experts over the years and we want to continue by constantly raising the bar. This article’s purpose is to tell the academy’s history.

Hair Academy:

Polverini Hair Academia was founded in 1981 in Florence by Maurizio Polverini. It instantly became a landmark in the world of high-quality education for hairdressers and aspiring hairstylist. The company keeps staying a leader in this field thanks to a high qualified team of teachers and a trademarked cut technique, the “Tecnica Scultura” technique. Each student graduates with results, improvements, and guaranteed knowledge.

This is ensured by a learning process especially designed: each student gets a personal and individual training, based on their needs. The teachers push the hairdressers and the aspiring hairstylist to think in creative and critical ways, so they can become independent.

Every student has different personalities, dreams, and ambitions: that is why our learning process is ad personam, so everyone can be guided in diverse ways.

Every course grants an Italian certification and an ITEC certification, so the student can have the chance to open a salon abroad in the future.

What we offer:

A hair academy, to be defined as such, needs to offer a wide variety of courses, and that is exactly what happens at Polverini Hair Academia. It offers a vast range of courses: short courses, qualification courses, refresher courses and fashion workshops. Every course is also available in English, to be more inclusive to non-Italian students that want to make their dream come true. That is one the reason we have both Italian and international students, another one is of course being a highly professional academy.


Like we said before, there are a lot of courses available, let us go through them by area of interest:

Second and Third level qualification:

These are two related courses that both grant the qualification and the ITEC certificate. The second level qualification course teaches the student the job: they enter as a beginner and graduate as a hairdresser. The third level qualification course allows the student to obtain the qualification to open their own salon. In this case is a course that entails more unique fashion techniques.

ABC Course:

ABC courses consists in two days classes where the student learns the basics in the field they prefer: cut, hairdryer or color. This type of class is ideal for those who want to learn practical and theorical basics.

Complete course:

As you can guess, this course includes a full and complete training. Color and Hairdryer are a must for this type of course: 16 lessons in which the student learns multiple coloring techniques (for example highlights) or styling techniques such as hair drying techniques to create volume.

Basic and Advanced Courses:

These kinds of courses are especially dedicated to cut techniques. The student, depending on their starting level and ambition, can choose to attend both these courses. They provide a strong preparation that aims to train the hairdresser to work independently.

Refresher and Fashion courses:

In Polverini Hair Academia there is also room for those who already have a career but want to keep up with the latest trends and the most innovative techniques. The courses are available for everything: cut, styling, coloring and updos.

There is more:

Polverini Hair Academia offers the opportunity to work and gain experience in events and runways backstage. During the training process, the future hairdresser practices on training heads and models. In addition, the most distinguished students get to work at our salons after graduation. To those who want to open their own salon, we give them the opportunity to do it with POLVERENERA.

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