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Hairstyling Courses: which one do you choose?

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There’s news about the Hairstyling Courses at Polverini Hair Academia…

Two days to become a hairstyling master! What are you waiting for? Ask for info now!

Do you want to update your hairstyling skills? Well, we are here for you! Our two days seminar is specifically created to learn about the latest trends and be ready to satisfy your clients. It is a live seminar with a hairstylist expert available for you, a sort of one on one with the participants.

The seminar is divided into two parts: the first one is “vision” with Polverini, while the second part is dedicated to the making of the hairstyles with step-by-step insights. You will acquire a whole new wealth of knowledge, which you can use in your own shop to help satisfy your clients or future brides requests.

It is comparable to our Master Colorist course about color: our purpose is to give the student a service and a thorough knowledge, free from products or brands, to really elevate the quality of our course. If you’re interested in becoming the next color expert, we recommend this article!

Spring has started and we are offering this new format, exclusively dedicated to updos: become an experienced hairstylist able to make your clients happy! This is a perfect time to learn about this kind of work: it’s wedding season! Nobody can resist the temptation to style their hair for major and remarkable events. That is why the hairdresser cannot be unprepared or lack creativity in such big moments.

Why choose a hairstyling course?

If you are asking this to yourself, you are in the right place: we will try to give you the most answers possible. First, like any other industry, it is always recommended to update and upgrade your skills. Trends change and it is always a positive thing to keep up with them. And what about manual skills? That is one of the essentials in creating hairstyles. The expert should not have problems in working on multiple levels and volumes.

If you think you do not have to get better in hairstyles because it is a small scope that you can work on, you are wrong. If you want the best for your salon, even in terms of revenue, you need to take care about this expertise.

In conclusion, the professional hairdresser needs to be able to do everything, regardless of personal taste or their own calling.

Hairstyling Course:

Are you a beginner and want to learn about the updos world? Or are you a professional who wants to increase their technique? This is the class that suits you!

The course includes six days that you can schedule following a monthly calendar at the academy. Applications are always open and there are no waiting lists.

You will learn to create numerous updos: both traditional and modern hairstyles on long, medium, and short lines. You will master the manual ability needed to do this kind of work thanks to all the practice that you will do on models and on training heads.

Fashion Hairstyling:

This class is dedicated to professionals who want to give free rein to their creativity! Two days full of previews and tricks of the trade. The course is also aimed at people who want to work in runways’ backstage and more in general in the fashion world. During classes, the student deals with hairstyles from the Polverini Hair Academia’s fashion collection. The student will be able to manage hair distribution and volume in total harmony by the end of the course.

To have a much clear idea on our courses, we recommend watching the hairstyling tutorials that we upload on our YouTube channel. Click here!

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