Short courses: learn the basics of cutting and styling in just two days

Short courses: learn the basics of cutting and styling in just two days

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Discover our short courses: Abc cut course and Abc Phon course 

How many times have you wondered how long a training course for hairdresser last?

And how many times have you been forced to give up because it’s too long?

Here at the Polverini Hair Academy we offer a wide range of courses of different duration: from a few days up to one or two years. In this article we will present our short courses of cutting and styling, through which you can get closer slowly to the profession.

ABC cut course 

By choosing to follow our Abc cut course, you will be able to acquire all the techniques of basis for cutting hair. This course has as its primary objective that of let you learn the basics of geometric cutting. In just two days you can start become familiar with scissors. 

The Abc cutting seminar helps to give you an idea of what is hidden behind the cutting techniques. Starting from here too can then decide to deepen your knowledge and continue your training with our basic and advanced cutting courses. 

We will give you the opportunity to practice, which is a bit of the cardinale principle to realize amazing cuts. In all our courses we try to point mainly on practice because it is the one that then distinguishes a hairdresser form a real professional. 

Are you interested in ABC cut course? Contact us at 3703556735.

What we stand out for

The course starts whenever you want: the inscription are always open. You have just to come to the Academy, sign up and you can start immediately without any waiting lists. You can then create your own custom frequency schedule. 

This is possibile thank to our individual teaching method called “ad personam” that distinguishes the Accademia Polverini. In fact, trainers will follow you in a specific way to allow you to acquire all the notion understanding everything. 

During the course you will have also the opportunity to enter the world of work: our students are employed at work directly by us both in our franchising salon or not. 

Once you have finished the course of two days you can then decide to continue the Basic Cutting course: 16 lessons through which you can improve your training on cutting. 

ABC Phon Course

Along with the basics of the cut you can also know the basics of the styling through the Abc Phon Course. Also this course will allow you to discover how to do a perfect styling. 

At the end of the two days you will be perfectly able to use the hair dryer to make any kind of volume with the hair. 

You will have the opportunity to learn a simple and clear technique and perform styling on every type of hair and style, so you can put it into practice right away. Learning how to do the styling will be fundamental to the work in the salon and will make your customers always satisfied and happy of your service. 

Also in this case you can decide to deepen your knowledge through our complete Phon course of 16 days. 

The Polverini Hair Academy offers its students the best trainers in the hair fashion industry, ready to teach you all secrets and follow you in this path to becoming a real professional 

So what are you waiting for? 

Contact us: click here or call at 3703556735.

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