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Work as hairdresser: Michela’s experience

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Start working as hairdresser to us is possible: read Michela’s interview 

Your work, now, at the Polverini Hair Academia!

One of the plus of our Academy is precisely to employ you at work, shortly after the start of the course. This will allow you to make continue practice of all the techniques to increase certainty and skills. 

We ask our students who are already working in the salon to know their opinion about it and how important this opportunity is. 

If you are interested in one of our courses contact us clicking here or at 3703556735. 

Let’s know Michela… 

She started the course in June and is already working in the salon. We asked her a few question about this experience. 

So let’s see what she thinks about it. 

Michela, how long have you been working in the salon?

I work in the salon since August and I’m feeling very well because I do continue practice of everything I learn in the Academy. 

Where does the dream of becoming an hairdresser come from?

I can say I’ve always had this dream. My aunt has a salon so this job has slowly become part of me. In fact, today for me doing hair is not real a job but an attitude and a passion. Every-time I finish my work and the client leaves the salon satisfied of what I have created on her, for me it’s a victory!

How did you know about the Polverini Hair Academy?

I met you through an email that I sent to receive information about your courses. I have always done different type of jobs and always dreamed of my economic independence. When then, during the lockdown, I received your reply email and I started seeing this dream closer and closer. I talked about it with my daughters, who are undoubtedly my most great supporters. Thanks to them I got the right push to start. Today I’m very happy about this choice. 

I have a beautiful relationship with all the students of the academy but also with the trainers who make me acquire a lot of confidence in me and in what I do. 

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How important do you think it is work in the salon during the course at the Academy? 

I think it is extremely important because it gives me the opportunity to acquire security and fluency. Practicing on the clients is far different than in the training head and also it brings you closer to what will be your job once you finish the course. 

Your dreams once you finish the course? Do you want to open a your salon? 

Surely my final dream is this: to open my own salon: But first I would like to work and practice being the best. Then I hope to realize my objective and to open my salon. 

Michela is just one of the many students who are currently employed at work and whose Polverini Hair Academia is very proud. 

As Michela said, working as hairdresser in a salon is a big opportunity. 

So what are you waiting for? If you want to start the course with as and start to work contact us clicking here or by phone at 3703556735. 

Anything you want to add, Michela? 

I would like to thank all the Polverini Hair Academia for the opportunity that you’re giving to me because now I can say out loud that I’m doing what I really love. 

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