Work as a hairdresser in Florence: the story of our student Hava

Work as a hairdresser in Florence: the story of our student Hava

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Our student Hava started to work as a hairdresser in one of our Polverini Salons.

In this article she tells us about her experience.

As we often say, Polverini Hair Academia supports you both in your education and through job placement. As a matter of fact, we have available several franchised and non-franchised salon, ready to welcome you to start working right away. This will be a great opportunity to put into practice and improve all the techniques learned in class.

We believe that one of our strengths is precisely to be focused on preparing our students to perform well on their jobs.

Today we meet Hava Gashi, who’s been our student for one year. We had the chance to ask her a few questions about the course she’s attending and her work experience in the salon.

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Hava, how long have you been working in the salon and how are you feeling?

I have been working in the Polverini Diffusion salon since February 2020 and I started to alternate it with the lessons in the Academy. I am very happy with my progress that are gradually more and more evident thanks to the experience I’m doing.

How important do you think it is to work during the course? Is it useful to you?

I think it is extremely important to have the opportunity to experience working as you keep learning. This gives you the opportunity to learn more and put into practice what you learn in the academy. It has a great utility and allows you to get in touch right away with what will be your future profession.

A chance that Polverini Hair Academia offers to you immediately after the start of your course, as it is committed to find the right salon, suitable for you.

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Work as a hairdresser. Our school work project

The project we offer to our students is called school work project and represents a starting point for new opportunities. For example you can decide to open your own salon also with our Franchising Services.

You got it right! We support you in this too, giving you the chance to feel truly supported opening your salon. Click here if you want to know more.

How did you get to know Polverini Hair Academia and why did you choose to begin one of our courses?

I met Polverini Hair Academia via social media, from Facebook, and I decided to ask for an appointment to visit the school. I liked the school right away and for this reason, without any doubt, I started the course.

Now I am fine here and I’m learning a lot.

How did you approach the dream of becoming a hairdresser?

I’ve dreamt to become a hairdresser since I was a child, but for several reasons I was only able to start recently. I think it’s never too late to realize our own dreams, especially if this is really what you want to do in your life, as I want to become a hairdresser.

And once you finish the course? Do you have any plans yet?

I certainly aspire to open my own salon but I also believe that to do this we need to gain a lot of experience. That’s why I want to work in the salon first, to learn all the secrets of the trade and be able, once opened my salon, to manage it to the best.

A great teaching from Hava

Hava, in her words, reminded us that it is never too late to realize our dreams and that, with great dedication and passion, you can get anywhere. So you can start to work as a hairdresser now.

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