Barber Course: a great news at the Polverini Hair Academy

Barber Course: a great news at the Polverini Hair Academia

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Let’s start the year 2020-2021 with the new barber news. Find out!

This year we started great at the Polverini Hair Academia with a novelty not be missed. It is the new Barber-Hairdresser Qualification.

“We all like the news and this year we wanted to find the right way to renew ourselves and to expand our courses. We are one of the first academies who decided to go further with the barber course trough which you can get a qualification recognized both in Italy and abroad”. 

Barbers’ world is constantly growing and with us you will have the opportunity to learn all the secrets to become an excellent barber in a year.

Are you interested in the Barber-Hairdresser Qualification? Click here and contact us. 

What is the program of the course?

The program of the barber course has been studied in detail and aims to allow you to acquire all the necessary knowledge in the field of shaving and beard care.

We’ll make you a real professional!

Here’s what you’ll learn

The barber course has, as always, between theoretical and practical part organized in a way that allows you to have a complete knowledge.


  • Morphological study
  • Specialized men’s trichology
  • Beard theory
  • Study of various types of shampoo
  • Learn of cutting geometries
  • Study and Knowledge of all products for the barber
  • Acquisition of the right knowledge to choose the various types of cutting according to the facial features.


  • Practice on the beard with brush and soap
  • Experience whit razor
  • Practice on posture
  • Equal, scaled and graduated geometric cut
  • Cutting with comb and scissor, with inclination and vision of the cutting set
  • Fashion cut
  • Razor-Blade cut

Are you interested in the Barber-Hairdresser Qualification? Contact us at 3703556735 or click here and contact us. 

And it’s not over!

You will also learn to cut through the use of clipper thus acquiring all the techniques of low, medium and high gradient and to put into practice all the various techniques of styling and finishing with the use of the right products according to customer needs.

At this point you will be perfectly able to switch to advanced cutting where you can put together all the techniques you have learn to create amazing fashion cuts.

Last but not least you will get in touch with the whole part of specific colorimetry for the barbering industry.

Barber-Hairdresser Qualification: from zero to professional in one year

As you can see we have studied a program that was as complete as possible, with all cutting and shaving techniques from the most traditional to the most innovative. We have the best stylist in the field of beard and hair fashion who can convey to you all the knowledge and secrets to become the professional of tomorrow.

Want to know more? Come to our Open Day on September 20th

Are you interested in our barber course but want to visit our Academy first? Not worries!

On Sunday September 20th the Polverini Hair Academy opens its door to anyone who wants to know about us and our courses. We will have the honor to present this new course of Barber-Hairdresser Qualification going into details. You’ll have also an individual interview whit Elisa Polverini to choose the most suitable course according to your needs.

You can decide to start the course whenever you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at 3703556735 and book your place at the Open Day or click here to have more information about our courses.

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