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How to create a fashion collection

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In this article some ideas on how to create a fashion collection

If you are a professional hairdresser but even if you just started your career you will be curious to know how to create a fashion collection and what are the right steps to follow.

It is important that every fashion collection respects the style of the artist who creates it. Yes, artist because every hairdresser can be considered an artist who creates with the hair real artworks.

This is the goal of the fashion collection. You have to create something sensational and unique that is in line with your own style.

Actually there may be several alternatives for how to organize and make collection with a photo shoot.

Let’s see them together…

How to create a fashion collection: the importance of the team

The first thing to focus on is combine a creative team that can support the whole work. By group we mean not only the hairstylists with various tasks. But also a photographer, a stylist and a Make-Up Artist who must be part of the team from the beginning. It is essential that te group move together from the first steps.

Now we’ll see why

The first thing to do is look for the basic idea. There are a lot of idea where to start.

Where do you have to look for the idea?

You can take inspiration from a trip, looking at the shop windows of clothing but also from the images on Google, looking in industry magazines so you can find out what are the current trends of the period.

There are endless ways to get inspired. Once you have clearly identified the basic idea of the collection, you have to share it with the rest of the team to create a mood that includes the history of the collection.

Now you start with the practical part doing the technical tests. Also for this part it is preferable to work together with the group of hairstylist to do the same job and be coordinated.

Meanwhile stylist make-up artist and photographer have to realize makeup test, finding clothes, accessories and the right location for the photos.

So there will be a lot of meetings and comparisons during the moments of preparations. When the technical tests are finished you can realize the collection on models.

Finished the collection with great satisfaction

It may take several days to make a collection. It depends on the number of cut and hairstyles you want to realize. On average a collection includes between 3/4 cuts and color and 3/4 hairstyles and men’s cuts.

When the collection is realized you have to begin all the graphics work in order to make books and posters. This is also an important moment and choosing the right designer is indispensable for the success of the whole work.

When you decide to make a collection usually at the beginning you only have a dream that come true whit the realization of it. This is the result of a product made only by your own hands: this create a great satisfaction.

The truth is that you can’t improvise a fashion collection but you have to have a lot of experience and years of training in your background.

So if you decide to jump into this beautiful adventure we are waiting for you in the Academy to have the necessary training for this experience.

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