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What subjects do you study at the hairdresser’s school?

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When you decide to become an hairdresser it is normal to look for the best academies. But there is a question that arises spontaneously: “What subjects do you study at the hairdresser’s school?”

It is right to ask yourself this question because before you start the courses you have to be very clear what awaits you.

As I always say, the hairdresser’s school is very demanding and you should never underestimate it. You will learn what will be your trade.

Once you have certificate you will be officially a hairdresser so that what you will learn in these 2 years (which can become even 1 and I tell you how), it is the one you’ll carry throughout your career.

For me it was the same, although my first studies go back several years ago. But I can tell you for sure that the techniques I learned in those years allowed me to become the professional I am now. And the same will be for you. 

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What subjects will you study at the Polverini Hair Academy?

To tell you precisely the subjects that you will study I take as example the International Qualification so as to be as precise as possible.

The course involves the study  of:

  • ABC Color: the basics of color, colorimetry, the star of Oswald to then access the advanced level;
  • Evolution Color: that deepens the basic level with concepts and more structured and advanced practices.
  • Basic Hair Dryer: start studying the theory and technique if using the hair dryer by already doing practice.
  • Evolution Hair Dryer: is the next level to the base and allows you to acquire a perfect artistic and technically perfect method of work. Learn how to use the hair dryer with the right and left hand.
  • Alternative forms: lets you know different methods of styling to create specific volumes and be creative and impactful.
  • New Drying Techniques: deepens drying techniques explaining new forms and tools.
  • Basic Cutting: learn the application of universal technology of cutting. We start from the two-dimensional and flat geometry to get to have a high mastery of cutting.
  • Evolution Cutting: the evolution of the basic techniques to bring your creativity to life.
  • Men’s and Women’s Fashion cut: you will learn the men’s and women’s fashion cuts techniques and 3D sculpture cutting
  • Trichology: you’ll study hair, physiology and pathologies to know how to treat every type of customer and always know how to recommend the best treatment and the best product.
  • Management, reception and safety at work: to make you manage at better the salon and the customers.

This is a short summary to let you understand what subject you will study at the hairdresser’s school.

If you want to have more details about the International Qualification ITEC|VCTC click here.

Everything is supported by testing and testing with many models. We also offer a paid internship so that you can immediately put into practice what you learn.

The course, as I anticipated above, lasts 2 years if you follow part-time. But if you decide to follow it FULL TIME you can have the qualification in 1 year.

After this clear overview of how this course is structured, what are you waiting for?

If you want more information or have any other questions contact us by phone at 3703556735 or click here. 


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