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Complete color course: discover all about it

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Are you curious to discover all the techniques about colorimetry? Then the complete color course is what’s right for you!

I thought for a long time about a color course the could interest a large number of people. A course that was able to explain the techniques of color both on theoretical and practical level, presenting all the latest innovations in the field of colorimetry. 

All this becomes reality thanks to the full color course, so called because it gives the possibility to form you completely in 16 lessons. 

Let’s see together how this course is structured. It has been designed in a very accurate way. We want to underscore this because our primary goal is that the students remain fully satisfied with the course in which they took part. For this reason is necessary a careful study of the organization of each type of course and this is what the Polverini Hair Academia dedicates the main priority.

What can I learn trough this course? 

Probably the first questions that each of us arises when we have to choose a course are: “what notions do I acquire from this course?” or still “will really be a full course as they say or will I stay at the starting point?”.

This is why we want to be clear and transparent by presenting to you the programme of the course with all the techniques and knowledge that you will be able to apply once finished: 

  • Colorimetry, theory and practice lessons;
  • Permanent color;
  • Semi and Demi permanent color;
  • Discoloration;
  • Light strokes;
  • Bloch coloring;
  • Root Dragging;
  • Californian.

In addition to this we offer you the opportunity to practice on model thus preparing you for the future work in an hairdresser’s salon. The continuous practice on the application of color directly on the model is the fundamental step to increase security and mastery. Is an aspect to which we give particular importance. 

Are you interesting to start the course? Contact us by phone 3703556735 or click here. 

Start the course whenever you want.

How many times you would have liked to start a course but punctually you heard “Sorry, but the course has already begun”.

With us these problem do not exist. You can start all the courses whenever you want. 

Also the complete color course starts when you decide!

This is possible because our trainers are committed to follow with constancy and attention every single student individually. In this way we offer a more targeted and complete training depending on the students. 

As we have already said the course has a duration of 16 days, on reservation. So as to offer you the possibility to choose when to start and how often to follow it. 

A course tailored to you!

At the end will I have a certification? 


At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of complete color course so you can start immediately to put into practice into salon the knowledge acquired during the course. 

So what are you waiting for?

Are you interesting to start the course? Contact us by phone 3703556735 or click here.

We will be happy to answer you and clarify any doubt about it. 

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