Hairdressing course for man: how to specialize in cutting and beard?

Hairdressing course for man: how to specialize in cutting and beard?

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Deciding to start a hairdressing course for man often can bring some uncertainties. 

You know that many professional always think that it’s better to focus only on woman or both man and woman. They think that in this way they will have more costumers and be able to sell even more products. 

Actually, today men take care of themselves as much as women do. They give a lot of importance to their physical appearance (especially hair, beard and even mustache). 

In fact, from a survey carried out by GQ Italy, emerged that 74% of men go to the hairdresser regularly 1 time a month. This means that, once a month, a man entrust himself to the hand of an hairdresser to take care of himself.

This for a professional means have to be always updated and ready to satisfy every desire. Even of the most demanding and fashionable customer. 

This is why our hairdressing course for man includes specific lessons on cutting and beard. This is a priority of our course at the Polverini Hair Academy. 

Hairdressing course for man: why are we focused on cutting and shaving? 

Our hairdressing course for man is suitable both for beginners and for those who are already on an advanced level. 

We have focused this course on cutting and shaving to explain from the basics to the latest news. In this way we can satisfy every one of our student. 

The primary objective is to teach the most cutting-edge techniques to enhance the male face and take care of every type of customer. 

It is clear that in your salon (or in the one where you work) you compare with many types of customer with many different requests. This is why we studied specific lessons on cutting: we are sure that it is essential to know all types of cutting in order to find the right one for each faced you will come across in your work. 

The same goes for shaving the beard. The lessons devoted to this. We will teach you how to do a perfect barber-cut using both a balloon and a model. 

The idea of making you practice on models “in the flesh” comes from wanting to make you try already in the course with you’ll find with the customers. Without drawbacks you will be prepared to deal with any situation with professionalism and competence. 

For all the details of the course you can click here.

Polverini’s hairdressing course for man: how is our course structured? 

The Polverini’s hairdressing course for man takes place in 4 weekend in Florence. Pur headquarters is right in the heart of Tuscany. In 48 hours you will become a perfect hairdresser and barber for men. 

Four weekends of full immersion to learn all about cutting and shaving. The formula of studying on the weekends also has the advantage of stay out of your professional and private weekly engagements. This allows you to be more concentrated, without distraction, and in this way you can learn quicker everything you need. 

We also provide you with all the teaching material you need, even in digital format so that you can review what you learned whenever you want, even from home. 

For all the details of the course you can click here or you can contact us, we will answer all your questions. 

You can contact us by phone at 3703556735 or click here and send us your request. We will respond you in a short time giving you all the informations that you need. 

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