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Also this year the Grammy Awards 2020 night on January 26th, has distinguished itself. Not only for the different kind of music, but above all for the different style choices. Many hair styles, from the more traditional to the most extravagant. They all marched in the red carpet of Los Angeles, without going unnoticed. Here below there are some examples.


The strong look of Billie Eilish


Billie Eilish is undoubtely a strong contrasts lover. She arrived to the Grammy Awards 2020 with a Gucci total look that finishes with a very particular hair style: a fluo green root that thanks to the Root Dragging technique drops toward the tips becoming black.


The word-famous “bad guy” singer celebrated with this unusual look the victory of the four main categories: best new artist, album of the year, song of the year and record of the year.

The elegance of Alicia Keyes


Alicia Keyes had one of the most important responsability of this 62nd edition of the Grammy Awards 2020. She introduced the event for the second time. For that important night at the Staples Center of Los Angeles the American singer chose a very simple and tidy style. Her hair style has many decorations on the forehead and on the face, that have been made with her own hair.


All the look ends with a very long geometric braid. Despite several costume changes, Alicia has mantained the same hair look.


The curls of FKA Twigs


Last but not least the look of the british singer-songwriter FKA Twigs. She was in nomination for this Grammy Awards 2020 in the category of “best music video” with the song “Cellophane”. For this night FKA Twigs chose an explosive and eccentric look, where curls reign supreme.

The total Curly Look, enriched by the red color that follows the current trends, is awesome! The singer performed with a tribute to Prince with wich cooperated many times.


These and many other looks marched on the red carpet of the 62nd edition of the Grammy Awards 2020. This highlights that today in the field of fashion all the hair looks are the most important feature, with a particular importance to the hair color.


The importance of hair color


Extravagant like red, pink or fluo green or more “simple” like black the professional hairdresser of these celebrities definitely know how to mix different gradation to have an explosive look.

Grammy Awards 2020

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