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Graduated Students

The number of students who completed at least one course at Polverini Hair Academia

Professional Hairstylists

The number of graduated students now working as hairdressers, many of them with their own salon

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Our Philosophy


Polverini Hair Academia isn't just a high-level specialization hairdressers academy unique in Tuscany, releasing internationally recognized VTCT and ITEC qualifications. Our training approach is based on personalized, individual, diversified learning paths, custom-tailored around the needs of our students and designed to enhance and highlight their talent.


Polverini Hair Academia offers a wide range of Training Courses, from the most basic level to the highest level specializations, covering all areas of the Hairstyling field. We believe that art and creativity must be combined with the most innovative techniques. We also believe that studying such techniques is extremely important, together with developing a strong personality and creativity, to allow the students to become talented professionals and express their art.


Our Vocational Training Programs prepare our students for their future, push them to think in a creative, innovative, critic and independent way. Because there are no two identical students: all students are different, with their own strengths, needs, dreams. Therefore, not everyone can be trained the same way, and that is why here, at Polverini Hair Academia, all training paths are individual, “ad personam”.

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An Introduction

An introduction Elisa Polverini, Polverini Hair Academia's Executive Director, introduces ethics, vision and all training aspects of the academy. This video perfectly shows Polverini philosophy in action.

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Our Goals


You will be able to absorb the most innovative techniques and get to know the most cutting edge fashion trends through innovative solutions and a highly qualified trainers team


A multifaceted spectrum of diverse training opportunities for hairdressers who love to be different from the rest and develop hairstyling excellency cultivating talent and creativity


Polverini Hair Academia is an internationally recognized institute offering training solutions dedicated to the various fields of hairdressing and beauty

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